Hard Boiled Eggs: West Bend Egg Cooker

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Summary: Automated and Predictable

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IF YOU ARE GOING TO USE THEM IMMEDIATELY this is the best way to hard boil your eggs.
It also poaches eggs very predictably. We use ours 2-3 times every single week to poach eggs, and the machine lasted us for about six years.

To hard boil eggs:

  1. Using the poker device, poke a tiny hole in top to prevent cracking
  2. Fill the measuring cup half way with water
  3. Put in up to seven eggs – pointy side down
  4. Press a button
  5. These cook completely, and peel easily.

IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO USE THEM IMMEDIATELY, do not use this method. The hole poked in the shell (Step 1) keeps the egg from cracking, but the tiny hole will allow moisture to escape, if stored for several days, and they become a bit rubbery on top when they dry out.


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