Healthy Custard

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Actually, this could more properly be called pastry cream
The entire recipe is called Mille Feuille

Poke puffed pastry with a fork so that it does not completely puff up during baking
Bake puffed pastry 400° for about 15-20 minutes . Or until browned

Heat two cups half/half
Add 1 c sugar
Pinch of salt
Bring mixture to simmer

Beat two eggs
Mix in 1/4 C cream or half/half
Add 1 TBL cornstarch

Temper hot milk mixture into eggs
Combine into larger pot
Stir continually until it turns to custard
Add butter and vanilla
Cover cream with plastic wrap so that film does not form
Plastic wrap should be molded down to touch the custard so that no air remains

When you are ready to serve, and only then, finish the recipe:
Cut puff pastry into three equal strips
Spread pastry cream over top of TWO puff pastry strips
Spread fondant (sugar icing) over top of the third
Pipe chocolate line fondant over top
Score to create alternate lines (see photos)

Cut top piece, and place on other two strips
Slice down into pieces



Alternately, pipe whipped cream over top and then add fresh fruit on top

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