Heart Guard – Heart worm medicine for 65 LB dog

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Adjusted dosage for a 65 pound dog

This recipe DOES NOT use the entire syringe.  Please read carefully or you could overdose your dog.

Pamoate Salt (pyrante) 200 mg
Invermectin – 200 MCg
Fipronil .200 mg

Suggested alternate to Fipronil is 200 mg Pyrantel as pyrantel pamoate



You might have used this on your dog for many years, and they may never have had heart worm, but then again, they were probably never been hit by a car, or died in a parachuting accident. If you decide to do this, use at your own risk. CHEMICALLY it is fine, but as I said before… this is a musing… I am seeking discussion on this topic.

Tick control can alternately be done with 5% pyrethin or 8% carbyl dusting solution

Peak pest season is June, July, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov. Based on the article below, consider using protective flea and heart worm measures during that period of high heat and high humidity.

Information from:  http://www.vetinfo.com/side-effects-fipronil-frontline-dogs.html

Concerns About Fipronil

While the typical side effect to Frontline is skin reactions, its active ingredient, fipronil, lists other potential concerns when used on canines.

  • Skin problems – As stated earlier, fipronil can cause irritation to your dog’s skin. This irritation can go beyond simple itching as the scratching can cause ulceration and open sores.
  • Nervous system damage – Fipronil is a neurotoxin, causing damage to the fleas’ nervous system. It can have the same effect on your dog, causing symptoms such as convulsions, body twitches, loss of appetite, unsteady gait and other effects.
  • Carcinogen – Fipronil has been shown to cause thyroid cancer in dogs. Because of its carcinogenic qualities, it is important for the person applying the Frontline product to thoroughly wash their hands with soap and warm water to adequately remove the product from their skin.
  • Organ damage – Autopsies have shown an accumulation of fipronil in canine livers and kidneys, causing an increase in organ weight. Fipronil has also been shown to alter the levels of hormone secreted by the thyroid gland.
  • Infertility – Fipronil has also been shown to have an effect on a dog’s fertility. Its use has led to smaller litter size, difficulty in conception, decreased litter weights and increase in litter deaths.

While Frontline products have had successful use in the control of flea populations, there have been negative results seen when dogs have been maintained for extended periods on the products. The fipronil builds up in your dog’s body, giving it the chance to cause problems. If Frontline is your choice for flea control, consider taking a 3 to 6 month break during low flea infestation periods to allow your dog’s body to rid itself of any toxic build up that may have occurred. This will help to avoid the potential of any problems arising from the fipronil.

(Heartgaard – Heart gaard – Heart Guard – Heart Gard)

Grandpa’s musings only… not medical or veterinary advice, nor something that I intend to do…

InverCare for horses is 1.87 % Invermectin paste. The box says that it is good for treatment of horses up to 1,500 pounds. Assuming your dog is closer to 65 pounds, that means that 1/24 of the amount is the correct dosage for your dog. The cost is about 1/100 of what you will pay to treat your dog with standard Heart Gard for dogs. 24 doses would go bad before you could use them though.

Some websites say this is bad practice, and that your dog could die. Well… that is true. That is a possibility, but the chances of your dog dying from fleas or heartworm is greater.

Here’s what Grandpa would do, if Grandpa were actually going to do this.


The InverCare syringe is marked in 250 pound increments.
My dog weighs only 60 pounds, so that would be only 4 doses.
Peak flea season is about 6 months long (6 doses)
If I squirt out 500 pounds of InverCare, that is equivalent of 8 doses
If I mix the medicine with a quarter cup of peanut butter, that will allow for more precise division.
If I split the mixture into 8 sections (Half, half, half) that will be my 8 doses.
Discard two of these, or give them to someone with a Chihuahua, which will make up another eight doses!
Give at the beginning of each month, starting in June.


The syringe has a shelf life of two years. Refrigerate it between seasons.
Next year, do the same above recipe.
After that, discard the InverCare, and buy new for the following year.
Enough is enough. How much of a cheapskate are you?!?


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