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We were preparing for a party, when I found a note that I had written to myself over a year ago.  It stated that I had sent in a knife for replacement, but I realized that the knife had never arrived.  I thought perhaps I had not mailed it in, or it got lost in the mail, but I looked back and found the check we had written, and on the back evidence that you had cashed it.

The knife in question is your “cut nails then cut a tomato” knife with the two points on the end.

The quality of the knife was outstanding.  I actually used it for yard work, cutting small branches, then brought it in and used it to slice paper thin tomatoes.  It really does what you claim.  I absolutely loved it.

I had forgotten about the guarantee, and bought an entire set, with which I am very happy, but then I saw that the first knife was actually guaranteed.  I sent it in with high hopes, but the replacement knife never arrived.  I would still like the replacement knife promised to me.

I am enclosing bank images of the checks; Front and back.  The check had actually been cashed.  Please send a replacement knife to Robert Andrews, 903 W Glendale Ave, Unit 3, Phoenix, AZ 85021

So far I have not been able to contact Jesco.  My eMails have come back as undeliverable.  More info to come as I have it.

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