Kasha – Jewish Rosh Hashana meal

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1/3 CU Kasha grain
1 CU stock
1/3 Farfale pasta (al dente) or long grain rice
1/2 CU water (if using rice rather than pasta)
1 medium onion (sauteed)
Mushrooms (sauteed)
3 TBL butter
1 egg (beaten well)
basil and parsley to taste

1. Toast kasha to a nutty smell
2. Add beaten egg
3. Add 4 CU stock
4. Season with salt and pepper
5. Bring to boil, the reduce to simmer
6. Let simmer 10 minutes
– Meanwhile sautee mushrooms and onions in butter
7. Mix in other items: mushrooms, onions, butter, pasta
8. Place in casserole at 350 degrees for 30 minutes

Notes As a Jewish example of “soul food”, kasha is often served with onions and
brown gravy and bow tie pasta, known as Kasha varnishkas. It is also a popular
filling for knishes and is sometimes included in matzo ball soup.

Sometimes served with apples and honey.

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