Kefir . Rough notes

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Bring storage jar up to room temp
Separate grains and liquid into three jars
1 C milk per 1 TBL grains
Fill 3/4 up with whole milk not UHT
Let set in dark 18 hours at room temp
Strain and set grains aside and cover with liquid
Seal, cover and sit 6 hours

Shake, pour and drink 1 qt for breakfast
Sweeten or flavor

Second fermentation. Next morning (18 hours)
Seal, shake, strain
Put into 1 qt jar . All grains
Pour back half way
Cover loosley . Set aside
Pour strained milk back into large jars
Cover tightly . Let set 6 hours
Seal all jars . Refrigerate starter
Put drinking jars into fridge
Done next morning
Flavor with hazelnut half and half

RIPEN 24 hours without grains

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