Tips: Learning to Cook – Basic Kitchen Skills

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Here are some lessons that you can learn so that you can do basic meal preparation safely. They are all Third-Party videos from YouTube, but still… I’ve reviewed each of them, and these are basic skills that all people, young and old, should know about or how to do.

  1. Saute – Just a touch of EVOO or butter will improve taste, and not add too many calories.
  2. Dice
  3. Roasting a Chicken – Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3
  4. Scramble Eggs
  5. Make a Roux
  6. How to Mince Garlic
  7. Cross-Contamination – Poultry is the biggest culprit, but there are many offenders.
  8. Sharpening a Knife – There is a difference between sharpening and honing the blade of a knife
  9. Honing a Knife
  10. Basic Knife Skills – Keep your finger tips clear
  11. Keeping a clean work area – A can of Chlorox bleach wipes is a good kitchen companion
  12. Respecting your kitchen and kitchen tools
  13. Storing leftovers
  14. Simmer vs boil
  15. What does mis-en-place mean… and why? – A bit of foresight can keep you from being rushed
  16. Using a grater
  17. Steam vs hot water – Water will wash away many of the nutrients
  18. Handling fires – Water on a grease fire could kill you.
  19. Washing your Hands – Staph germs can live on your hands for hours.  A bit of soap and 30 seconds could save your life.
  20. Expiration Date – Spoilage – Commercially canned products can be kept for up to ten years as long as the cans are not damaged or bulging.
  21. Mirepoix – Carrot, celery and onion
  22. Trinity – Carrot, celery and bell pepper – South eastern United States


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