Lettuce Tie-up and Lettuce Wraps

by on February 20, 2012
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Lettuce Tie-up
Three twelve inch pieces of butcher’s string per person
Three outside leaves per person of Romain or Bibb lettuce
Julienned cuts (or peels) of any five of the following:
– Cucumber
– Cucumber peel
– Bell pepper
– Parsley (chopped)
– Cilantro (chopped)
– Pickle
– Chive
– Cheese
– Salt / pepper (sprinkle to taste)
– Deli, regular or Chinese mustard
– Ground red pepper


  1. Spread mustard on top part of leaf
  2. Add selected five ingredients
  3. Roll as tightly as possible, make sure not to burst the leave
  4. Tie lightly near the middle with one length of butcher’s string
  5. Trim excess string
  6. Cut off the white end and discard
  7. Serve aside any meat dish


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