Mashed Potato Hash Browns

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2016-04-09 08.03.40INGREDIENTS

  • Old mashed potatoes
  • Butter and EVOO (for frying)
  • 1-2 eggs per person

REMINDER: Keep the handle of your pan pointed to the back of the stove to avoid an accidental spill or burn.

This recipe will actually work with old scalloped potatoes, hashed browns from another morning, and baked potatoes. I would probably draw the line at potato salad.

2016-04-09 08.13.13

      1. Put at least 1 cup of leftover mashed potatoes on a cutting board (or a clean counter)
      2. Cut them into fairly large pieces (about the size of a regular marble)
      3. PREHEAT the butter and oil in your skillet to a medium high heat
        – If you put mashed potatoes into cold oil, they will become greasy
      4. Put mashed potatoes into your skillet and let them brown
      5. Handle or flip them AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE because they will fall apart otherwise
      6. As soon as they are to your liking, plate them and fry your egg
      7. Put 1-2 egg in a skillet and let them cook on the bottom just a bit
      8. Flip them carefully to avoid breaking the yolk
      9. Plate them on top of the potatoes and serve


NOTE: You can eliminate steps 7 and 8 if you use an egg poacher or poach the egg in a pan of simmering water

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