McDonald’s Breakfast Burrito (copy cat)

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1 tsp onion (minced)
1 tsp red bell pepper (minced)
1 tsp green bell pepper (minced)
1 TBL Velveta cheese
1 egg
1 flour tortilla
scant oil

1. Lightly saute onion and bell peppers in oil
2. Meanwhile, spread cheese onto tortilla
3. Add egg to skillet with other ingredients
4. Microwave tortilla for 15 seconds
5. Cook egg until no longer runny, but still soft
6. Pour into tortilla and fold (see special steps)

Special Steps
Folding a tortilla into a burrito
1. After filling with desired ingredients fold one side of tortilla in so that edge of tortilla is about 1 inch toward center.
2. Perpendicular to first fold, start folding about 1 inch pieces until you have rolled the ingredients into the tortilla/

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