Muffalatta Burger

by on September 9, 2016
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muff-burgerAs it turns out, nearly everyone knew about the Muffalatta Burger except me.  A Google search brought up all kinds of different recipes.  Anyway…  This is a recipe deconstruction of this great hamburger presented by Southern Rail Restaurant here in Phoenix.


  • Pickled Dressing:  Carrot, garlic, green olive, capers, sauteed onion, finely minced celery
  • Provalone cheese
  • Mortadella
  • Salami
  • Ham or bologna – fried
  • Thin hamburger patty (NOT OVERCOOKED)
  • Tomato
  • Dijon mustard or mayo with mustard seed
  • Rustic hamburger bun


  1. Brush bun with melted butter
  2. Grill it so that it browns a little bit
  3. Spread mustard on buns
  4. Layer on tomato, meats and cheeses
  5. Top with pickled dressing
  6. Serve with crispy hot salted fries




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