Notes from Trees Class with Shane

by on November 5, 2013
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Trees Class with Shane

Almond . Regular water

Peach and Apricot
Orange, Lime, Lemon, Grapefruit . Less water
. Produce fruit on last years wood

Fertilize just before leaf drop

Section of tree dies, look for blister
. Seal then paint to protect

Acidify the soil . Alka Liche

Citrus tree goes dormant . Fertilize mid February, then monthly through October

Sisous . Fast growing . Invasive roots

Ficus . Dirty . Lots of leaves

Texas ebony
. Low water slow grow . More water fast grow

Pomegranate good in winter . Likes high water
. Prop it up during fruiting . Sweet, wonderful, others
. Wonderful most common . 10 ft high

Apple . Bloom in spring . Fruit in summer and fall
. Look at chill hours . 300 or less
. Dorset or ansheimer to mix pollinate
. Prop up tree during fruiting
. Thin for larger apples
. Ours golden dorset or ana??

Cherry . Royal lee and mini royal
. Trim after last chance of frost . Mid feb
. Cut one third back

Fig . China honey . Grackles eat them

Graft . Different leaf? Cut it off

Roof rat . Just collect fruit

. Prepare soil . Sand for drainage
. Mix with native soil

Water crystals if you tend to under water

Plant level . Same as in pot . Twice as wide and mixed
. Not higher or skin will rot
. Keep soil moist entire time
. Fill with water . How long to drain
. Avidify soil if over two hours . Alka Liche

Lime near new driveway pours . Take years to cleanse

Plant starter . Hair root growth . Helps reduce shock
. Better than B vitamin

Iron . Winter it is hard to absorb . Need supplement
. Iron plus sulfur “fast acting iron”
. Gypsum neutralizes salt

Scare em away . Scare tape. Long piece hanging freely in the sun

Bird X netting

Insect problems . Bore beetles . Kill use systemic
. Bayer advanced . Fruit citrus veg insect control
Lingers six months .

Bore problems .

Fungicides . Neem oil . Dusty leaves . Spider mites

Thuricide organic worm killer

Hatch white grub and let it hatch

Wilt stop . Oil . Prevents dehydration and freeze damage

Deep Water before freeze . Cover with frost blanket
. Not plastic or wide weave cloth


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