Our Garden – July 2016

by on July 9, 2016
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2016-07-03 11.45.54

This has changed a bit, so I will make notes here.  Starting from the COLOR pot to the left and working my way around.

  • I didn’t put any peppers in the pot with the color spots in them.
  • The Basil has been replaced with Hatch Chilies
  • Nothing additional in the Fig Tree basin
  • Mosquito bush (citronella) is also unchanged.
  • We are waiting for August to plant Eggplant starts.  Meanwhile there are sunflowers there.
  • The cilantro will be replaced with an Acorn Squash start.    Meanwhile there are sunflowers there.
  • The Armenian Cuke will be replaced with a Canary Melon, if we can find one.    Meanwhile there are sunflowers there.
  • Wandering Jew is just as it remains
  • The next three pots will be Scallion starts, Cilantro start and a Daikon radish start.
  • The pot with the corn will now be some type of cucumber, but meanwhile has sunflowers there.
  • Of the two pots out front, the basil has three plants in it, and the “herbs” has a Chiltipen ( Americans erroneously call this a Chili Tepin )


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