Parmesan Cup

by on October 24, 2012
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  • Fresh firm medium sized tomatoes – 1 per person
  • 1 egg – 1 per person
  • Fresh basil, cilantro or parsley
  • Block of parmesean cheese


  • 1. Cut the top off the tomato, as you would to make a jack-o-lantern
  • 2. Discard the top
  • 3. Using a sharp spoon, carefully cut the veins of the tomato – don’t bother about the seeds, they will come out easily
  • 4. Scoop out the veins and the seeds, being careful not to puncture the side of the tomato
  • 5. Use aluminum foil to create a “base” for the tomato
  • 6. Break an egg into a small glass or cup (making sure not to break the yolk) and pour the egg into each tomato bowl
  • 7. Use a scissors and cut strips or pieces of your fresh herb over top of the egg
  • 8. Cut slices of cheese about the thickness of two quarters
  • 9. Using a cup or round cutter about the size of the openings in the tomatoes, cut a circle of cheese to set on top of the herbs.
  •     If you don’t have this, just use a knife to roughly cut a circle.
  • 10. Bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes
  • 11. Remove from oven and let set for five minutes while you make toast if you wish.
  • 12. Carefully peel down the skin of the tomato, allowing it to decorate the plate and become the leaves of the flower. These will not be eaten.
  • 13. Serve with bread or toast.


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