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About Robert and the Photos…

Robert is 57 years old. He retired from Software development in 2005 and turned his attention to cooking. He has taken several classes in cooking, but mainly relies on learning from other chefs and his own intuition. His travels have taken him to kitchens around the world, and to countries including Spain, France, Istanbul and the Czech Republic.

Here are some of the high points from the enclosed photographs.

Bread Two photos of some of the loaves that Robert has created.

Breakfast Photos include lots of eggs, French Toast, breakfast tarts, quiches, and muffins.

Lunch We usually eat out, sampling different restaurants in The Valley.  In the photos are a sample plate, mini pizza, burrito, quiche, pitas and a lunch pie.

Dinner Photos include lots of casserole type dishes, vegetables, pasta, Mexican cuisine, and other International cuisine.

Grand Kids I have two year-old grand children, and six others ranging from 8 to 14  The oldest is in the Phoenix Childrens’ Chorus, which travels around the world.

Jalapeno The jalapeño chili paste is my own creation. The photo shows the aging bottles. At about eight months, I blend the ingredients and run them through a food mill

Robert Photos of Robert show him on his travels, with his grandkids, his wife in the center of their Urban Farm, and in his hospital uniform. His service dog and him are on staff at Banner Hospital as volunteers in the therapy dog program. Every easter I prepare about 80 omelets over a 30 minute period for breakfast.

The Girls are in the last photo. Fresh eggs every morning!

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