by on January 3, 2016
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Pintxos (pronounced PEEN chose) have been around in Spain for many years.  They are now catching on in the United States.  It is essentially a TAPAS which is a more common word.

A TAPAS literally translates as a small top.  Drinks were served with (bartender’s choice) of a tapas plate on top, so that it would keep the bugs and flies out.  Not quite as necessary as before there was indoor plumbing, tapas is still served in most restaurants and bars in Spain.  The picture link below shows lots of food on most of the plates.  A tapas in Spain would be a few pieces on the plate, and would run you a dollar or two.


  • Aceituna is the Spanish word for olive.  These are frequently served on the side, just as we are served taco chips at a Mexican restaurant.
  • Boquerones are anchovies.  They are usually lightly picked or in a heavy cream.  They will frequently be served on top of biscotti or a cracker.
  • La Gilda is the toothpick on which the aceitunas and boquerones are skewered along with a guindilla pepper.
  • Montaditos are small sandwiches served with shaved slices of Iberican Ham, which is a staple in most Spanish kitchens.
  • Morcilla is Spanish pork blood sausage.  No my favorite, but at least I can say I’ve tried it.
  • Pulpo IS one of my favorites.  Octopus – grilled and served in a small pool of guajillo tomato and pepper salsa

A collection of photos of different types of tapas would fill my entire computer, so here is a GOOGLE LINK that will allow you to view hundreds of different tapas. If you have an even mildly active imagination, you will see plenty of these that you could create for your next party or potluck.

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