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There are as many ways to make pizza as there are ways to make a casserole. Here are some that I enjoy:

A collection: soon to be decanted
– These will be broken apart into separate links

General Information

Tips and Tricks
– Some info to make your life easier

Tips and Tricks
– Pizza wisdom from Grandpa

Tips and Tricks
– from Southern Living magazine

Basic Pizza Dough
– from Grande Pizza

Sauce Recipes

Easy Pizza Sauce
– includes a simple pizza recipe as well

Basic Red Sauce
– takes about 30 minutes to prepare

Oven-Dried Tomato Sauce
– an easy alternative to sun-dried tomatoes

Traditional Pizzas

Basic Pizza 1
– one of Grandpa’s recipes

Cooking for 1-1/2
– targeted for one of my books

Scratch Pizza
– for the truly adventurous

Sicilian Pizza
– adapted from America’s Test Kitchen

St Louis Pizza
– from Everyday Foods

Margherita Pizza
– just an overview at this point

Quick EZ Pizza
– from Diabetes Forecast magazine

The Ultimate Cheese Pizza
– from some third party source

Unusual Approaches to Pizza

Pizza Pot Pie
– adapted from Chicago Pizza and Grinder Company

Cast Iron Pizza
– based on something I saw on TV

Green Tomato Pizza
– created when my tomatoes did not ripen

Mozzarella Border Pizza
– good for sauce dippers

Four Breakfast Pizzas
– Eggs and Pizza

Potato, Mozzarella and Spinach Pizza
– A recipe from the Iona Abbey. (protected)

Really Fricking Bizarre

Grilled Pizza Salad
– Make at your own risk

Pizza Scraps Frittata
– Created with my leftover pizza

Mexican Pizza
– an American South-of-the-Border Recipe

Tlayuda – Mexican Pizza
– a bit more authentic than the above recipe

Sour Cream Pizza
– quick, easy and very unusual

Pizza Balls
– good for involving the kids

Cauliflower Crust Pizza
– a healthier alternative – IS THIS A DUPE?

Slumber Party Personal Pinwheels
– good for lots of little hands

Pepperoni Pizza Pinwheels
– another kid-friendly recipe

Pizza Bread
– essentially Monkey Bread with pizza sauce

Pizza Dip
– a sophisticated departure from pizza pie

Chicago Deep Dish Skillet Pizza
– good approximation of the original

Gluten Free Deep Dish Pizza
– don’t let a gluten allergy slow you down

St. Louis Shortbread Pizza
– a pizza with a biscuit-like crust

Puff Pastry Pizza
– simple and kind of fun to make

Pizza Creations
– let your imagination run wild

Bacon and Egg Breakfast Pizza
– pizza: it’s not just for dinner

Another Breakfast Pizza
– inspired by Scramble Restaurant in Phoenix

Grilled Pineapple Dessert Pizza
– pizza is not just for dinner

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