Pizza for Parents and Kids

by on October 19, 2015
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This recipe will be featured in Cooking for 1-1/2 – Recipes for single parents

4 CU Flour
4 tsp Yeast
4 tbl EVOO (Olive Oil)
4 tsp sugar
4 shakes of salt
Basil (dried good, fresh better)
1 CU (four 1/4 cups) VERY warm water

(AS) = Adult Step

  1. Put water into a glass bowl
  2. Add Sugar to water
  3. Add Yeast to water
  4. Stir four times briefly to dissolve
  5. Cover and let rest while you get the sauce ready (SEE RECIPE)
  6. After Sauce is ready, put liquid into Kitchen Aid*
  7. Add flour and continue mixing until thick like pudding
  8. Shake Salt and Olive Oil into the pudding
  9. Mince and add 12 leaves basil, or add 4 large pinches of dried basil
  10. (AS) Continue to add flour until the dough ball is tacky (but not sticky) and a finger impression pressed into the dough mostly bounces back.
  11. (AS) Once dough is completed, remove, coat with oil, cover with large damp towel, and allow to rise in a warm place for 20 minutes.
  12. (AS) Clean up from previous step, and prepare your work area for the next step
    Rinse dishes, clean counter top, sprinkle with corn meal
  13. Get out four individual rising bowls and coat lightly with solid Crisco
  14. (AS) In 20 minutes remove dough, cut into half, then half again, making four pieces.
  15. Fold each dough ball three or four times, and recreate a ball.
  16. Cover with a few drops of oil, and let rise in small rising bowls for 20 minutes
  17. In 20 minutes halve each dough ball for small pizzas, or use “as is” for a larger pizza.
  18. Spread corn meal lightly on the kitchen counter
  19. Flatten balls with your hands, turning/slipping frequently
  20. (OPT) Keep flattening and if you want a thin crust pizza, “dock” sheet with a fork
  21. (Cut in circle) Put on metal personal pizza pans
  22. Cover with sauce
  23. Cover with desired toppings
  24. Cover lightly with cheese
  25. Set oven to 400 degrees
  26. As each pizza is finished put pan over very low flame for four minutes
  27. SET TIMER for stove top process so it doesn’t burn
  28. Put into oven after four minutes on the stovetop.
  29. Cook for ten minutes in oven (SET TIMER) at 400 degrees
  30. Let cool 5 minutes before removing and cutting – Serve hot

* If you don’t have a Kitchen Aid, do this by hand. Consider using your points from a credit card program to get a Kitchen Aid if you do a lot of cooking.

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