Red Curry Tofu ala Chuck Wiley

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Red Curry Tofu ala Chuck Wiley

Use extra firm tofu with no GMO

Start by blanching green beans
Put in boiling water for 60 seconds, then plunge into icewater to shock
Cut into 1 inch pieces
Set aside

Cut red bell pepper into julienne strips

Caramelize onions
When ready add . Allow one minute between each ingredient
1 tablespoon minced fresh ginger
Three cloves shaved garlic
Sliced Shiitake mushrooms crown only. Stem is tough
1 tablespoon fresh red curry paste
Take off of heat at this point
Add several splashes of water to deglaze pan
Culinary dairy free coconut milk. Will look like yogurt.
Add lime zest with juice
Simmer 10 minutes
Add 1 tablespoon honey
Add green beans
Add red bell pepper strips
Add tofu at last minute
Stir gently

If you want crisp tofu, fry it separately before you add it.

Serve over cooked brown rice
Top with cilantro, sesame seeds, green onion

Organic short grain brown rice
. Cooks 40 minutes

Note: many rice recipes call for one part rice one part water, organic short-grain calls for one part rice to parts water


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