Rice and Lentils with Crispy Onions

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Rice and Lentils with Crispy Onions

Mujaddara from 13th Century Mesopotamia

One pound of Vadallia onions . Sliced
Toss in 1 tsp salt
Microwave 3 minutes

Yogurt Sauce
1/2 C plain yogurt
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp minced garlic
1 TBL lemon juice
Mix and refrigerate

Rinse salt off onions
Dry well in a lint free cloth
Add to 3/4 C cold vegetable oil in Dutch oven
Cook on medium-high heat for 30 minutes

3/4 C brown or green CLEANED lentils
3/4 C basmati CLEANED rice
Let rice soak in hot tap water 15 minutes

Par cook the lentils in 2 C water with 1 tsp salt
Simmer 15 minutes

Drain onions in colander, reserving oil
Drain on a paper towel

Rinse ALL starch from rice
Strain well

Add 2 TBL onion oil back to skillet
2 cloves minced garlic,
1/2 tsp each cumin and coriander
Large pinches of cinnamon and allspice
Small pinches black pepper and cayenne
Bloom spices
Add rice and cook about 3 minutes
Add 1 1/4 C hot tap water
1/2 tsp each salt and sugar
Bring to rapid boil
Add lentils and reduce heat to low
Cover and cook 12 minutes

Verify liquid is absorbed
Cover with cloth towel gasket, recover, and set off heat for 10 minutes
Fluff with a fork
Add 2 TBL chopped cilantro
1/2 of the cooked onions
Fluff together with fork
Serve topped with the other onions
Drizzle with yogurt sauce


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