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Thanks to Martha Stewart for putting all this info together on Martha’s Cooking School.

White Rice vs Brown Rice

  • White rice is milled
  • Brown rice has not been milled

Jasmine Rice

  • Long grain rice
  • Very aromatic
  • Used in rice pudding
  • Used a lot in Asian cooking

Long Grain White Rice

  • Husk removed
  • Bran and germ remain
  • Most common in the United States

Basmati Rice

  • Extra long grain
  • Delicate nutty flavor
  • Aged
  • Cooks long
  • Used in Indian cooking

Long Grain Brown Rice

  • Whole grain, although husk is removed
  • Bran and germ is intact

Short Grain Brown Rice

  • Cooks best with absorption cooking
  • Nutty flavor

Sushi Rice

  • Also called glutinous or pearl rice
  • Very starchy and sticky
  • Short round grain rice
  • Here is a link to one of Grandpa’s Recipes about Sushi

Arborial Rice

  • Used for Risotto
  • Used in Italian cooking
  • Short fat grain
  • High starch, so it is great in rice pudding

Black Rice

  • Also called purple or forbidden rice
  • Chinese legend only available for emperors
  • Anti-oxident properties

Bamboo Rice

  •  ?

Wild Rice

  • Not really rice.  It’s seeds from marsh grass.

Cooking Rice

French Method of Cooking

  1. Boil large pot of salted water
  2. Rinse 1 C long grain rice – very well
  3. Add rice to the boiling water
  4. Boil until tender – approx 11-12 minutes
  5. Strain rice, shaking a couple of times
  6. Put into a bowl with 1 TBL butter, salt and pepper

Rice Cooker

  1. 2 C jasmine rice
  2. 2 C cold water
  3. Close lid and press the COOK button
  4. Finishes in about 55 minutes

Standard Method of Cooking

  1. Bring 1 C of salted water to boiling
  2. Add 1 C rice and stir
  3. Return to a boil
  4. Cover, reduce heat and simmer for 16 minutes covered
  5. Add 1 TBL butter and 1/2 tsp salt to the rice at the 8 minute mark
  6. Finish cooking
  7. Take off the heat, leave covered, let rest ten minutes
  8. Fluff with a fork and cover until ready to serve

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