Secrets to a Great Stir Fry

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The first secret is heat.  Lots and lots of heat.

An infrared thermometer will help you here.  ThermaWorks has one that I’ve purchased and have been very happy with.  At just under $50 it seems a bit pricey, but I guarantee that this will change the level of your cooking.


wok185º Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs
220º Marmalade
285º Slow cook meats
300º English Muffins
310º Hard Crack Candies
325º Fried Eggs
350º Pancakes
400º Hashed browns
450º Stir Fries


This means get things ready, because at 450º things happen really quickly.  Have all items sliced, diced and julienned before you even put oil into your wok.
Chill meat 20 minutes in the freezer before cutting.  This will help you with really thinly sliced meat


I have a cast iron wok that I use, but it’s not necessary.  A large cast iron skillet will work equally as well.  Cast iron holds the heat better than thinner skillets, although they will work too.  Adding ingredients will drop the temperature of your skillet, so wait a few moments between adding ingredients.  Also, don’t overcrowd your pan or your food will steam rather than sear.  Remove your protein while you finish your veggies.

Use oil with a high smoke point, such as sesame oil.  Also consider your cooking time.  Carrots cook longer than cabbage.

Add the meat and sauce back in right at the end.  This will only take a few seconds to finish.

A note about cleanup:  NEVER immerse (or fill) your cast iron into water or use detergent.  For stubborn food particles, use coarse salt.




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