Lydias Pasta (and Cannelloni)

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4 C flour
4 eggs
4 tsp (1 TBL, plus) EVOO
Pinch salt
Blend in food processor
Drizzle in water until it starts to come together

Take out and finish forming by hand
Wrap in plastic and refrigerate 1/2 hour

Let warm, then roll through pasta machine many times on thickest setting
Near end roll to thin sheets
Cut corners off to square up
Cut into squares
Put between sheets of dry kitchen towels
Cook in hot salted water for a few seconds
Put into ice water, then to wet tea towels


Cannelloni filling
Ground pork
Carrots, celery, salt
Start meat . Add other ingredients
Create hot spot for onions, rosemary,
Create hot spot for tomato paste
Deglaze with good white wine
Add stock to make a little runny and loose
Simmer 1/2 hour to reduce
Add blanched and squeeze-dried spinach
Let cool

Finish stuffing
Add ham, parsley, grated parm/reg, lemon zest

B├ęchamel Sauce
When all melted, add flour
Brown, don’t burn
Add hot milk
Whisk until smooth
Bay leaf, white pepper, nutmeg
Grated cheese


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