Shredded Mexican beef

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This recipe comes straight from Ninos Mexican restaurant in Sun City, Arizona.

In summary, you are going to boil the beef in a pot of seasoned water. Once it has cooked, he will shred it and combining it with the appropriate seasonings. Pay attention…

In a large pot, add one bottle of Tecate or Corona beer.
1/2 C cider veinegar
Cut sides off four poblano peppers. No seeds.
One entire hand of garlic cut in half, then smashed.
Four bay leaves
Two teaspoons each: salt, oregano, tomato paste, cumin
One teaspoon each: ground cloves, cinnamon, black pepper
Place thick slices of onion to elevate the meat. So ir can brown
Cut 3-5 pound beef bottom round or chuck into large chunks
Cover and bake three hours at 300°
Pull beef out and let rest
Strain remaining mixture in pot retaining liquid
Add to blender, blend, then let rest one hour
Skim off layer of fat
Add sauce back to pot
Shred meat and put back into pot
Serve with thin cabbage, green chilis, onion slivers

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