Simple Soft Cheese and Yogurt

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Simple Soft Cheese and Yogurt
Kaesha Neil – Science Professor
Food Preservation Classes

Whole milk . 185 degrees
Lactic acid bacteria is good
Raw milk
Pasteurized milk . Spoil . Throw it away
Spoiled milk good for plants
Best . Low temperature pasteurization . 145 degrees
Bad . HTST
Worst . UHT . Usually cream . Not for cheese
. Required for “shelf-safe” milk
Higher fat gives more cheese
Sheep . High in fat and protein
Goats milk doesn’t separate . Soft cheese only
Rennet . See slide . Lemon juifce
. Non chlorinated water
Tight colander or loose CLEAN cloth
Whey . Lots of health benefits
Try mixing THEN draining
Raw milk from aber dairy
Higley and Riggs . Fall = higher availability . $10/gal
. Better to have a goat or cow
Whipping cream, but not UHT . Try it
Aged cheeses . 60 days
Goat cheese at farmers market . Black market
Listen to tape . Milk sold as pet food
Buy pure citric acid powder . Fruit Fresh ?
Seville higher acid content
Half and half for cream cheese . Quark
Rennit . Tina . Whole Foods


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