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Thinking about venturing into the world of Sourdough?  Read Grandpa’s Sourdough BEGINNERS OVERVIEW as one of your first steps.

Intro and Credits

Sourdough Starter

Getting Starter from Carl T Griffith
– SASE required – Carls Brochure

About Carl and the 1847 Oregon Trail Starter
– A legacy that spans over 170 years

Getting Starter from Grandpa
– $1 to cover postage

How to Revive your Sourdough Starter
– You will need to bring it back to life

Making Starter from Scratch

Making your own dried starter
– Grandpa’s way and Carl’s way

Susan’s Easy Sourdough Starter
– by Susan Payne

Honey Sourdough Starter
– a recipe from one of our church ladies

Rita’s Sourdough Starter
– From Rita Davenport

Son of Norway Sourdough Starter
Fedrelaudet Lodge 23 – Petersburg, Alaska

Basic Sourdough Starter
– Tried… it works

Maintaining Your Starter

OK… My Starter is alive – Now what?
– You must feed your starter weekly or it will die


Sour Dough Cinnamon Rolls
– by our Church Lady

Sourdough Parker House Rolls
– by Trysha Mapley – Mapley’s Morsels

Royal Caribbean Cruise – Sourdough Rolls
– provided through the courtesy of RCL

Four Sourdough Recipes
– Two Breads, Pizza Dough and Sweet Rolls

Basic Bread
– Basic recipe from a TV show

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