Southern Scramble

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Southern Scramble

Southern Scramble


  • One egg per person
  • One mustard green leaf per person


  1. Chiffonade washed and dried mustard greens, set aside
  2. Beat egg until thoroughly mixed
  3. Cook eggs over low heat until “soft” scrambled
  4. Add mustard greens and continue to stir (occasionally) until greens are wilted
  5. Add salt and pepper (to taste) and plate


  • Serve with wedges of flour tortilla and a spoonful of diced green chilies or jalapenos.
  • For the heat-intolerant, thinly sliced tomatoes would also go very well on this plate.


A CHIFFONADE is a technique in which larger leafs (spinach, basil, mustard greens) are efficiently cut into long, thin strips. You should stack the leaves and roll them tightly, then cut across the rolled leaves every 1/16 inch or so with a sharp knife. Gently fluff the cut pieces which will give you a lot of thin ribbons.

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