Spring Rolls – Things you need to know…

by on April 16, 2012
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Spring Roll Variations plus Other Notes and Information

      • A combination of cooked and raw vegetables creates a nice blend
      • Add tofu, or cooked meat or fish
      • Some fresh herbs and rounds of rice paper are found in supermarkets or Asian groceries.
      • Soften the thin, crisp rice paper rounds by rubbing or immersing in very hot water for 3-5 seconds.
      • Classic Vietnamese recipes blend¬† lettuce, rice noodles, fresh herbs, shrimp and pork.
      • Soy sauce is naturally fermented and aged up to two years.
      • One trick to Spring Rolls is having ingredients as dry as possible.
      • Shop at local Asian markets for Thai and Vietnamese ingredients. While many can be found in your supermarket, ethnic food shops are adventures and a great way to learn about other cultures. Besides, prices are often lower and items are of quality higher.
      • Cut at an angle and serve w/ ginger peanut dipping sauce.
      • Serve garnished with sprigs of mint and with individual bowls of dipping sauce.
      • Serve with dipping sauce – Variations of this add the final seasoning.
      • Place ingredients within easy reach of everyone at the table.


    1. Prepare all your ingredients ahead of time.  Small, thin and delicate ingredients is a rule.
    2. Moisten rice paper by rubbing or immersing in very hot water for 3-5 seconds.
    3. On the bottom third of the rice paper round, make a small pile of rice noodles, a few shreds of meat, half a shrimp, some lettuce, carrot, and a leaf of each herb.
    4. Roll up the rice paper over the filling, taking it halfway up the uncovered portion of rice paper.
    5. Now fold in the side flaps and continue rolling until you have a tight cylinder.
    6. With rice paper on towel, fill with 2-3 tbl of filling and fold sides in and roll.
    7. Put on a plate and keep covered with a damp cloth.

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