Steaming an Artichoke

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Steaming an Artichoke

Find an artichoke that seems heavy and compact for its size

Rinse underwater
Cut stem off to about 4 inches
Using serrated knife, cut entire tip of artichoke off
Brush with sliced lemon to inhibit browning
Using sharp kitchen scissors cut pointy thorny tips off
Use your fingers to open up leaves a bit
Soak in acidulated water while you prepare hot water
. Thanks Martha Stuart for this fancy word
. 1/2 gallon water with the juice of two lemons

In large stock pot with a steamer basket…
Add 1 gallon water,1 TBL salt, one sprig of tarragon
Place artichokes face down in steamer basket
Place basket in pot
Squeeze juice from two lemons over top of artichoke
Sprinkle tops of artichoke with a bit of salt
Place halved lemon as a cap on top of artichoke
Cover and turn water on medium-high

Check water level halfway through
Add more BOILING water if necessary

To test for doneness, push pointy knife into stem

Place stem side up on towels to drain and cool
Use tongs to remove core
Set aside, because much of the core is edible
Use spoon to scrape out choke from main artichoke

Options for dipping sauces

Martha Stewart’s butter dipping sauce
Mince one sprig of tarragon
Add to 2 sticks butter . 1 C
Add one half teaspoon salt
Cook in very small pot at low temperature

Robert and Cynthia’s dipping sauce is a combination of mayo, ranch dressing, yogurt, and a few other ingredients. See Artichoke Dipping Sauce Recipe at this site.


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