Tamales: The Mexican Twist

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Tamales: The Mexican Twist
Must use lard and masa
Manteca de cero
2 C Masa harina
3/4 C Lard
1 TBL Salt
1 TBL Baking powder
Warm chicken broth to bring it to stiff dough texture . Slowly . Watch closely
Schemer is good
Corn husk . Soap water for 30 minutes
When you are ready to spread masa, use the smooth side on the inside.
The rough side on the outside.
Filling is basically any protein.
In the recipe that I saw on TV, she used chicken guajillo
A bit of cheese and chilies
Stand up and cover with a moist towel. Steam for about 45-60 minutes.
Add a penny to the bottom of the pot. It will start to rattle when
your water is almost gone.
You can freeze them uncooked, but when you steam them, you still have
to go for an entire hour.

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