Symbiotic Garden

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Plant in a meter square box

Seeds for
– Squash
– Sweet Corn – Ready when you poke a kernel and it leaks Sugar starts to turn to starch immediately, so eat now
– Beans – Haricot vert – young beans

Instructions Beans put nitrogen into the soil
Corn provides a place for the beans to climb
Squash leaves help soil retain the moisture

Special Steps Squash options:
– marrow is a striped summer squash
– zucchini
– courgette
– summer squash
– sunset squash stays small
– pumpkins (ready in October) mildew on leaves is OK
– Ghost pumpkin – skin is white, green inside, tough skin, keeps long

Variations Plant in April, and harvest through October

Plant seeds along side of soil covered with burlap sack (hessian sack)

When leaf dries out, and melon sounds hollow, it is ready to eat

Notes Courgette is a small summer squash – the leaves are edible

Firm and fresh blossoms that are only slightly open are cooked to be eaten, with pistils removed from female flowers, and stamens removed from male flowers.


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