Ten Probiotic Foods You should Try

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Ten Probiotic Foods You should Try

Curtido . El Salvador
Fermented salsa with cabbage, onions, chilies and other veggies served on corn tortillas

Kvass . Russia
Fermented grain drink – yeast, brown bread beers and carrots,and water

Sauerkraut .
Cabbage, salt and water

Aged Cheese .
Roquefort and gruyere

Kombucha . China
A type of soda . Raw with no added sugar

Kimchi . Korea
Napa cabbage, chilies, ginger, fish sauce

Pickles .
Not pasteurized in white vinegar, but fermented in brine . In the refrigerator section

Miso . Japanese
Seasoned soybean paste – try stirring it into rice

Kefir . Eurasia
Fermented milk beverage

Fermented green beans, cauliflower and beets
Should say non pasteurized, naturally fermented, or contains live cultures


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