The Five Mother Sauces

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These five sauces are the building blocks for most other sauces

  • Béchemel – A white sauce – Roux plus dairy – usually milk or cream
  • Velouté – A white sauce – Roux plus a clear stock – chicken, vegetable or fish
  • Espagnole – Roux plus a brown stock – veal or beef
  • Tomato Sauce – Roux plus tomatoes – Italian style skips the roux and just reduces tomatoes
  • Hollandaise – Egg yolks plus clarified butter plus an acid – usually lemon or white wine

A roux is basically equal parts butter and flour cooked over medium heat.
If you are making a white sauce, do not brown the butter.

A sauce should fall into one of three categories
1. A roux – Four of the above five start out with a roux
2. An emulsification
3. A reduction


  • Homemade macaroni and cheese, classic croque madame, lasagna,
  • Mornay sauce – Béchemel plus Gruyére or Parmesan
  • Mustard sauce – Béchemel plus Dijon mustard
  • 28th

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