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Theoprastus – 400 BC
New World Encyclopedia
Natural History of Plants
About the Reasons for Vegetable Growth



The Natural History of Plants, (περὶ φυτικῶν ἱστοριῶν α’-θ’ ) a nine books work (with the following topics):
1. The anatomy of plants

2 – 5. Wooden plants

6. Herbaceous perennial plants

7. Vegetables and their cultivation

8. Cereals

9. Saps and medicine

About the Reasons of Vegetable Growth (περὶ φυτικῶν αἰτιῶν α’-ς’) (6 books)

See: Hamburg University

Theophrastus in contrast to Aristotle believed that the animals are capable of reasoning. He considered that as the animals are above the plants it is not ethical to eat meat. For this reason he was a vegetarian.


Grew’s Anatomy of Plants

Rudolph Camerarius
Plant Sexuality

Corn – Self polinating
Sunflower – Males and Females – No seeds? No polination

Anton van Leeuwenhock
invented single lens microscope

Robert Hooke

Gregor Mendel – Czech Republic
Plant inheritence
Laws of Selective Breeding
Experiments on Plant Hybrids – 1865
Genetic Dominance via “Allele”

Five Fathers of Modern Science
Mendel, Mendeleyev, Newton, Darwin, Einstein

Nitrogen Fixing – Peas
Symbiotic with Bacteria
Soluble Nitrogen

Joseph Priestly – Photosynthesis
Melvin Calvin – Carbon 14
Calvin-Benson Cycle – Photosynthesis

ATP – necessary for all life – Adenisene Triphosphate


“Hack the Pentagon” contest

Hard boiled eggs in oven at 350º for 30 minutes

Attitude – Intelligence – Loyalty – Communication – Music

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