Three Grain Veggies

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Three Grain Veggies

Three Grain Veggies

Grandpa created and submitted this recipe to The International Rescue Committee for inclusion in its Gila Farm Cooperative CSA Newsletter. This is a program that we subscribed to, and prepaid for, which gives the farmers money for seeds. Throughout the coming year, we get all sorts of greens and other produce fresh from the farm.

This is also great if you are traveling and get a chance to sample the street side farmer stands or a local farmers’ market.

For details, visit The IRC CSA Site


  • 2 TBL brown rice
  • 2 TBL barley
  • 2 TBL basmati rice or other white rice
  • 8 leaves Spinach
  • 4 leaves Kale
  • 4 leaves Collard Greens
  • 1 Radish
  • 8 Golden Raisins (Grocery)
  • 8 Dried Cherries (Costco)
  • 1/4 CUP leftover chicken, beef or pork – shredded


  1. Wash each ingredient with full immersion, then dry the veggies and leaves, discarding the water.
  2. Prepare the large bowl with iced water for cooling the heated greens
  3. Rinse rice until water runs clear.
  4. Mince radish
  5. Tear stems off spinach and tear leaves into bite sized pieces.
  6. Cut Collard Green and Kale stems off, and discard stems
  7. Heat a large pan with a little water in it.
  8. When water begins to show “hot water bubbles” put in Kale and Collard Greens and cover for 30-60 seconds.
  9. Dump Greens into ice bath to stop cooking and wilting process.
  10. Dry or spin cooled greens, then discard water in bowl, rinse and dry to use in the next step.
  11. Cut uncooked spinach into julienne strips
  12. Chop cooked greens into medium sized pieces
  13. Combine all ingredients in clean bowl and toss gently.
  14. Measure rice (eg 1/2 Cup) and place in pan on stove to begin heating and browning
  15. Heat 2x the amount of rice (eg 1 Cup) of water in the microwave until it begins to boil
  16. Pour in with browning rice and add salt to taste
  17. Turn heat as low as possible, cover and wait… you cannot hurry rice.
  18. Stir to keep from sticking every 10 minutes
  19. In 40 minutes, dump rice into a colander, discarding whatever water has not been absorbed.
  20. Toss gently with all other ingredients and serve hot


If you wish to begin your own composting, the stems and bits from this recipe will be a good first ingredient. The City of Phoenix Waste Management cuts off the bottom, and drills holes in the sides of their trash barrels with broken wheels; and sells them for $5 each. These make excellent compost bins. Visit the recycle center at 37th Avenue and Buckeye Road to buy one.

Published in Grandpa’s Corner – IRC Volume 1, Issue 4

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