Tips for Risotto

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Tips for Risotto
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Evoo in hot pan
1 TBL Onions or shallots
Various Mushrooms
Reconstituted dry mushrooms are okay too
Rosemary sprig . Remove later
Salt and pepper
. Three types
1. Arbolio
2. Canaroni
3. Yedo denado . Best for risotto . Short grain
Add one fist of rice per person
Add broth one ladle at a time
You can also use water from reconstituting the mushrooms
Add as it is absorbed
Results should be creamy
Takes 45 minutes total

Rissoto should not be mushy or chewy
Toasting your rice before cooking will give it a harder bite
Remove from heat
Stir in marscapone cheese and Parmesan cheese
Finish it up with butter and sage and parsley


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