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Keeping it Clean

  • Cast Iron: Never use soap or steel wool with your cast iron skillet.  If you have a particularly nasty pan to clean, create a thick paste with salt and water.  Use a scrap cotton cloth to rub it in.  If entirely necessary, heat up some water and scrape with a spatula.  After cleaning, make sure it is completely dry, then re-season with a dab of canola oil.
  • Raw Meat:  Always use a paper towel to wipe off if you are touching raw meats.  After wiping off, use soap and water to finish up.  Any utensils that touch raw meat should be equally cared for.
  • Knife Blocks: As popular as these are, there is nothing in your kitchen that harbors more germs than a knife block.  Too frequently people use a knife lightly and then put it back in the block.  Consider a knife magnet.  There is a good one by Norpro that is really inexpensive from Amazon.

Keeping it Organized

Keeping it Efficient

  • The Work Triangle:  Keep all of your motion within a triangle.  (Eg) Stove, refrigerator, counter.  You will find that 90% of your movement is within this small area.

Keeping it Safe

  • The single biggest thing for safety is to keep your senses about you.  Most accidents happen when you become distracted.

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