Tips: Pizzas

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Preparing your Dough

  • Many pizza places will sell you a ball of their dough for a couple of bucks.
  • Alternately, you can get oven-ready dough at the supermarket
  • It is not too difficult to make your own dough.  CLICK HERE for several of my recipes
  • Here is my good friend, Steve, that owns Grande Pizza PREPARING HIS DOUGH for an overnight rise.
  • Albert Grande shows you a basic dough recipe and some of the proper techniques WITH THIS VIDEO.
  • Dough that is risen without sugar will take longer, but will have a more fully developed flavor

Flattening your Pizza

  • A rolling pin may seem like a good idea, but it squeezes many of the air pockets out of the dough.  Your pizza will taste more like cardboard
  • Use your finger tips and palms to flatten your pizza
  • Turn it (flip it) often during the flattening


  • Sauce is a good thing, but too much will give you a soggy crust.  Serve your pizza with a sauce side for dipping instead.
  • I have a lot of recipes for RED SAUCE and for MARINARA.  I really like pizza!
  • Put onions and pepperoni on the top so they fully cook
  • Generally speaking, try to hold your pizzas to about five toppings (not counting sauce or cheese)



  • Pizzas should be cooked at high heat fairly quickly.  500º for 12 minutes is pretty good for the home oven.
  • Use a baking stone if you have one.  Bring it up to temperature with your oven.  Never put a cold baking stone in a hot oven – it will crack.
  • Never use soap to wash your baking stone.


  • Use a baking stone for reheating your left-over pizza.  The microwave will make it kind of soggy.
  • No baking stone?  Put it on a cooling rack and slide that into your oven.  Put a pan under the cooling rack to catch drips.
  • Grandma and I both like different toppings, so we get an extra large cheese pizza and keep it as a base for later toppings.
  • To reheat, we bake at 400º for 8-10 minutes.


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