Tuna Tips

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  • A sashimi knife called a yanagi-bocho or yanagi knife is sharpened only on one side.  This allows you to slice the sashimi with minimal bruising or mashing.
  • Tosha Soy is generall used for sashimi dipping.  You can make an acceptable substitute using soy + sake + mirin + bonito flakes.  Boil the mixture, then cool, then strain.
  • Create a carrot wave, but slicing a carrot very thin, then wrapping it around a chop stick.  Immerse it in ice water for 5 seconds, and the form will stay in place.
  • NOTE:  White tuna – Kanpachi or Amberjack – is a heartier fish and will hold up better for many recipes, but it does not offer the presentation that RED tuna offers.
  • A typical recipe for Amberjack is to carve very thin slices on the bias, and then skewer them with a thin lemon medallion.
  • When cutting tuna, let the knife do the work and be patient.  DO NOT push the knife through the meat, but rather let the moving knife gently slice through the meat.
  • Put your finger on top of your carving knife to stabilize it and keep it from moving from side to side.
  • Start your slicing movement before you even touch the surface of the fish.

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