Types of Apples – EXPLAINED

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Red Delicious

  • Pick a good one – firm flesh, no markes
  • Store in a refrigerator
  • If one is bad (in the bunch) take it out right away
  • Not good for cooking
  • Good for snacking


  • First harvested in Japan
  • Similar to Red Delicious
  • Not good for cooking
  • Good for munching


  • Sweet taste
  • Thin skins
  • Not very crunchy
  • Not good for cooking


  • Mealy texture
  • Good for apple sauce
  • Not good for baking

Granny Smith

  • Good for baking
  • Goes well with cheese
  • Holds its texture
  • Kind of tart / bitter – kids like it

Golden Delicious

  • Don’t store well
  • Very versatile

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