Urban Farm Grape Juice

by on June 30, 2013
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Here at UrbanFarm.info we have two grape arbors.  One producing white, the other red grapes.

In Arizona, grapes never get to the size that you can get in the grocery store, but we can produce some very good grape juice.

Here’s how.

  1. Pick your grapes (let’s say enough to carry in the front tail of your shirt or apron)
  2. Wash thoroughly
  3. Remove stem and other stem pieces
  4. Rinse again
  5. Measure out 1 gallon of grapes . Measure 4 quarts of water into a large bowl. That will be the line that will indicate 1 gallon of grapes.
  6. Pulse cleaned grapes in food processor to pulverize
  7. Cook covered on medium heat for 30 minutes, Stirring every 5 minutes
  8. Simmer covered on low heat 60 minutes minutes, stirring every 10-20 minutes
  9. Add 1 CU sugar near the end of the cooking process
  10. Strain and refrigerate . What works well is to find a metal bowl that conforms to the inside of your colander. You can press the juice through. Discard the pulp.
  11. Enjoy the following morning when chilled

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