Veggie Dog Biscuits

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  • Carrot pulp after juicing
  • Two eggs
  • One CU wheat flour


  1. Mix all ingredients together until the consistency of cookie dough letting your pup get an occasional lick as you mix things together.
  2. Roll out to about ¼ inch on a cookie sheet
  3. Let pup lick the empty bowl if that doesn’t gross you out
  4. Pre-cut rolled mixture into sticks about one-half inch wide and about three inches long (this makes breaking easier after they are baked)
  5. Let your pup lick the sticks- maybe nibble a corner
  6. Cook at 350 degrees for two hours
  7. Call your pup over and take out of oven, let pup smell them, but not taste them yet… TOO HOT! cool, break apart and put back on cookie sheet
  8. Cook another 30 minutes at 350 degrees to make them a bit harder
  9. Can store unrefrigerated for two weeks, refrigerated for two months, or frozen for a long time.


  • This is a dog treat that you don’t have to hold back for special occasions.
  • This is also something you can bake WITH your dog, to really get their interest up!
  • Our vet said that a dog can have as much fruit and vegetables as they can eat.
  • Feel free to substitute apple pulp, bananas, and so forth.
  • You CAN’T give dogs is grapes. This has been proven to lead to kidney failure in dogs many years down the line.
  • Oh, salt also cannot be used.


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