Working Class Beef Satay

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with Pickled Cucumber

Garlic, sugar, dark soy, pineapple juice, Chinese 5 spice

Trim most of fat off edge of beef
Cut beef into strips with the grain
Leave overnight in your fridge with bamboo skewers

The next day, thread beef on to soaked bamboo skewers

The next day…

julienne strips of green pepper and red pepper
Onion, garlic, and ginger
Sauté in canola oil for about 10 minutes
Add water, dark soy, coconut milk and tomato purée
Add sweet chili sauce, chunky peanut butter
Boil then simmer
Add grated carrot julienne strips which have been soaking in wine vinegar
Add cashew nuts . Could be slivered, but not chopped
Add a bit more salt and pepper to taste – perhaps Sirachi sauce

Reduce left over satay sauce and sauce pan

Grille meat on grill pan . Marinate every turn

Serve dipping sauce in a small bowl on the side


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